Ny søknadsfrist ICE HOT Copenhagen

Copenhagen will be hosting ICE HOT 2016 and the main organizer is Dansehallerne. During five days ICE HOT will consist of live performances for both adult and young audiences, artistic presentations, discussions and meetings with artists, directors, producers, organizers and cultural operators.

The deadline for ICE HOT applications are getting closer and we have had many valid questions about the applications and some artists have asked :

Can we apply with one production in each category if we produce work for both the adult audience category and the young audiences category?


This is not made clear in the criteria and we apologize for this. So we will give you some more time to get the applications ready

NEW DEADLINE: Wednesday 3rd February 2016 at 11:59 PM/23:59 local time.

Les mer på: www.icehotnordicdance.com


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