Call for Participants JULIDANS Artists’ Lab 2016-2017, frist 18. januar

Julidans festival for international contemporary dance in Amsterdam / The Netherlands is looking for emerging choreographers who are interested in taking part in the Julidans Artists’ Lab; a mobile working space for meeting, exchanging and creating. The next Lab will start in the first two weeks of July 2016, during the 26th edition of Julidans. The festival presents leading, daring and ground-breaking dance performances in a programme that features both established choreographers and new talents.

JULIDANS Artists’ Lab
The Julidans Artists’ Lab offers a creative, supportive and fluid space where a new generation of choreographers and dance artists can develop themselves. The Artists’ Lab is divided into two phases spread out over two editions of the festival (Julidans 2016 and 2017) within the time frame of one year.

Artists’ Lab – first phase
In the first two weeks of July 2016, eight starting, talented choreographers / performing artists from The Netherlands and others countries will meet in Amsterdam for a programme of exchange, workshops, creating, discussions, and attending performances together. The Lab will be facilitated by a dramaturg. This initial phase of the Lab is about meeting and exchange, about getting to know one another and understanding more about each other’s creative processes and contexts. There is no pressure to create a performance; participants should, however, be willing to share the cultural, aesthetic and technical orientations of their work and their experiences during the Lab with the Julidans audience during one afternoon or evening.

Artists’ Lab – second phase
For Julidans 2017, the Lab participants are invited to engage in collaborative processes with each other on a voluntary base. Those who wish can submit a proposal for creating a short performance which they create with one or two other Lab participants. Selected proposals (three maximum) will be provided with a production grant as well as the support of a dramaturg during the creation process. The performances will premiere in Julidans 2017 as part of the NEXT programme.

JULIDANS Artists’ Lab participants

  • are in the early stages of creating own work in the field of contemporary dance / dance theatre / physical theatre and have around two to five years work experience;
  • have completed a professional dance or other arts education;
  • have affinity with the performances presented in Julidans;
  • are willing to collaborate with others;
  • are able and willing to co-create the Artists’ Lab;
  • are prepared to commit themselves to the entire program;
  • are willing to communicate on their experiences during the Lab via social media such as the Julidans Facebook page;
  • are able to communicate in English;
  • take care of their own travel and health insurance;
  • make an effort to contribute towards their travel expenses to Amsterdam.

How to apply?
Interested artists should send:

1. a motivation letter (why would the Lab be good for you and what would you bring to the Lab; what is your current artistic focus, which artistic issues are you currently investigating),

2. a resume (education, work experience), and

3. some footage of their work (on DVD or via a YouTube or other Internet address); this should, ideally, demonstrate a certain “originality” or “own style” as well as a connection to the Julidans vision on contemporary dance.

BEFORE JANUARY 18, 2016, to

Candidates for the Lab will be selected by the artistic director of Julidans (Anita van Dolen) together with Borneoco (Constance Vos & Dineke Koerts) – the producers of the Lab – and the dramaturg of the Lab (Moos van den Broek) on the basis of the criteria formulated above as well as the footage.

Applicants will be informed on the results of their application around the end of January 2016.



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