Kom på workshop med Duda Paiva (Brasil/Nederland) 21. oktober

Norsk Skuespillersenter presenterer workshopen THE PUPPET SCORE:  THE BODY OF THE PUPPET AND THE BODY OF THE ACTOR

We have learnt from experience that the knowledge of dancers, theatre makers and puppeteers about the influence of objects on their movement, and vice versa, is often quite limited. In order to let them experience this technique, and experiment with it and apply it, we have developed workshops and masterclasses about dance and object: Partnering the object.

The workshops and masterclasses are based on the technique developed by Duda Paiva: Dividing the beats. Through this technique, the dancer/performer learns to achieve a dramatic and profound connection with an object. Dividing the beats ensures that the dancer/performer is inextricably linked to an object and can move it independently of his own body at the same time. It leads to a unique ‘duet in one spirit’, in which movements are both focused inwardly and projected outwardly.
The next step is to develop choreographic motifs between the object and the dancer/performer. Learning to experience and control the influence of movement, focus and coordination on the lifeless object and on the performer/dancer himself clears the way for his own creative process.

Workshopen er åpen for dansere, skuespillere og andre scenekunstnere.
Tid: 21. oktober kl 11-14
Sted: Welhavens gate 1
Pris: 300 kr
Påmelding: via Norsk Skuespillersenters hjemmeside

Les mer om Duda Paiva og selve workshopen på Norsk Skuespillersenters hjemmeside.


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